White Truffles of Alba or Acqualagna – Tartufo Bianco – Tuber Magnatum Pico

Tuber Magnatum Pico

Harvesting period: from October to January

It has peridium or rind that is not warty but smooth, light yellow and gleba (i.e., pulp) that ranges from brown to more or less light hazelnut, sometimes shaded with bright red, with fine and numerous light veins.

The size and shape, as in all types of truffles, vary based on many factors including the season, the harvest period, the type of soil in which it was extracted.

They range from the large, indeed small, truffle, like a bean to big ones that are more or less the size of an orange.

This is certainly the most prized variety of truffle and its value grows proportionally to its size and integrity.

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